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iPhone 11/XR Uunique Blue/Black (Ocean Shine) Nutrisiti Wood Resin Eco Back Case - 15-06744

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The eco printed Nutrisiti Wood Resin Eco Back Case by Uunique stands out with swirls of colour and a smooth matte finish. On trend and 100% biodegradable/compostable.


The Uunique Nutrisiti series is completely natural, made from plants & plant elements.



 Nutrisiti 100% Biodegradable Cases



Earthy Look. Tough Protection.

Crafted to fit your device perfectly, with a look that's inspired by the earth, this case features a textured appearance and a non-slip matte finish that protects from dust, drops and scratches.



Nutrisiti 100% Biodegradable Cases



1% of Purchase Will Help Save The Planet

1% of each case sold will go to Unique Unity Trust, which supports globally recognized eco-charities around the world. They not only help save our planet, but also help with disaster relief.



Nutrisiti 100% Biodegradable Cases



Plastic Free - Zero Waste

Shipment packaging is plastic free and entirely recyclable. Uunique Nutrisiti is supplied as an eco-friendly solution and includes sustainable uncoated packaging that is printed with soy-ink and uses natural glue ingredients. Join the zero waste eco-revolution!



Package Contents

Additional Features

  • 100% Biodegradable/Compostable
  • Plastic Free & Zero Waste
  • Made from Plants & Plant Elements
  • Shock Proof - Drop Protection
  • With Screen Edge protection
  • Slim 1 Piece Design
  • Qi Wireless Charge Compatible
  • 1% to save the Planet

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