Renogy E.FLEX 30 Portable Solar Panel Charger - 15-04926

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Achieve efficient and effortless charging with the Renogy E.Flex 30 Portable Solar Charger.


With an energy conversion efficiency of up to 22%-25%, Renogy E.FLEX 30 Portable Solar Panel utilizes sunlight and transforms it into usable electric currents for powering your essential electronics. Latest iSolar technology and auto-optimization functions are integrated to provide a safe and effortless charging experience.

Additional Features

Optimized Charging Advanced iSolar technology enables fast charging speed and protects your device from over heating •Highly Efficient Utilizes sunlight to the maximum extent with premium solar panel and adjustable nylon kickstand •Top-notch Quality Water-resistant and rugged nylon offers great durability against the weather •Effortless Reconnecting Auto-optimization function guarantees immediate recon